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Treasury bills app, I-Invest generates 2 billion naira worth of investments in six months


Treasury bills app, I-Invest by Parthian Partners has reportedly generated 2 billion naira worth of investments in six months.

launched in partnership with Sterling Bank, the I-Invest app makes it easy for anyone to invest in treasury bills. Treasury Bills are short-term debt instruments issued by the Federal Government through the Central Bank to provide short term funding for the government.

I-Invest was conceived to bridge this gap in the financial market. It was designed to make treasury investments a simple act for everyday people. With a minimum of N100,000 just about anyone can buy treasury bills and earn quality returns over time.

And according to Parthian Partners, the number of active investors on the platform is growing fast. In a press release, the firm said over the last six month, it has doubled its one year target and helped invest N2 billion for its users.

“We are happy that we were able to make this much of an impact at such a short time. This helps us solidify our goal of playing our part in building Nigeria’s economy,” says Oluseye Olusoga CEO of the firm.

“The more people invest with the app, the bigger the money market becomes. This is a step in the right direction although It will take some time to make a more significant impact.”

According to the firm, I-Invest now boast 60,000 app installs on both the Android and iOS app stores. And about 30,000 users currently have investments on the platform.

However, some users of the app have raised important complaints about the app itself. Much of the reviews on the Google Play Store says withdrawing funds from the app is extremely difficult, caused by user identity verification issues.


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