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Samsung needs to watch its back as rivals like Huawei come on strong


Samsung may have stolen CES 2019 by announcing the launch date of its upcoming Galaxy S10 (slated for Feb. 20), but it was world’s second-largest phone maker, Huawei, that turned out the best phone at the show. That might not seem like much of a threat when you consider that there were few phones to speak of. Yet, the Huawei Honor View 20 has enough unique features on what will be a mid-price device to make Samsung look over its shoulder.

Samsung is currently the largest phone brand on the planet by sales volume, but it’s hardly sitting pretty. Phones sales are slowing down, with even trillion-dollar Apple warning investors that it hasn’t sold as many new iPhones as expected. Samsung will need its 10th anniversary Galaxy S10 to impress if it’s going to keep its place at the top.

Does Samsung really have anything to fear? Huawei, which drove out Apple to become number-two, is in a tight spot. The company, which is also one of the biggest names in telecommunications accessories, has been banned by governments over fears of spying for the Chinese government, despite Huawei’s persistence that it complies to local laws wherever it operates. Since last year, massive carrier and retailer deals dried up and two of the company’s employees have been arrested.

Although Huawei’s business is compromised, the handsets themselves are on the rise. The Huawei phones we’ve seen since last CES have outpaced Samsung’s flagship models with three rear cameras, like the Huawei P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro, an in-screen fingerprint reader and flashy finishes and colors, like the stunning Honor View 20 seen this past week at CES.


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