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iPhone to match Android security with new Yubico hardware key


Yubico, a hardware security key maker has unveiled a new product in the works, which allows iPhone access to the same authentication tech available to android and windows gadgets.

This week at the consumer electronic show the Yubikey was previewed for lighting which supports Apple’s proprietary iPhone and iPad port on one end and the USB-C port common on Android phones and PCs. By tapping into logon standards such as FIDO 2, WebAuthn, and U2F, hardware security keys provide extra security in addition to passwords or sometimes with no password at all.

Hardware security keys is an extensive development in the quest to keep accounts protected from hackers. The new YubiKey for Lightning should help iPhone owners keep up with modern practices.

Passwords are infested with shortcomings. Mostly, it is one of the easiest to remember and type some that are the most vulnerable and even stronger protections like one-time codes sent by text message are raised accessibly. Google credits its security keys for restraining attacks against its employees.

Using keys from companies like Yubico and Feitian, you insert the key into your device’s USB port during logon and push a button. You might have to use them in connection with a second verified factor like passwords, fingerprints or face recognition. Some of Yubico’s keys work wirelessly, too, with NFC (near-field communication) radio technology.

Even though newer iPhones support Near field communication, though, there are limits that are shuffled in YubiKey abilities. The Lightning-enabled model should get around those, Yubico said.

The product should be a benefit to anyone using hardware keys to protect accounts like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Github, LastPass, 1Password and Dashlane.


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