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Smart table-top oven knows food and cooks it for you


Are you a busy chef or a foodie, who loves variety but lacks the time, this might just be the good news you have been waiting for;an oven that can tell the type of food placed inside and suggest ways in which to cook it.

Manufacturer Whirlpool unveiled the invention before attendees at the CES technology trade show, the counter-top cooker comes equipped with a camera so that lazy chefs can check on the status of their meal via a mobile app.

The $799 (£627) appliance can automatically recognize whether the food is fresh or frozen, and includes a thermometer capable of carrying out an “internal doneness test” to to know if it is cooked properly.Eleven different modes are available, allowing the oven to bake, broil, roast, toast, reheat, proof, dehydrate, air-fry, slow cook, convection cook or just keep something warm.

Like many of the other devices announced at the event in Las Vegas so far this week, the smart cooker boasts built-in support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which allow users to control it with their voice.

The oven is available for pre-order on the Whirlpool website – but there are only 2,000 available.

Similarly innovative products will be spread across the convention center when CES officially opens in Las Vegas on Tuesday, with a number of the most highly anticipated gadgets already unveiled during a preview day on Monday.
Among them was a 4K TV from South Korean firm LG that can roll down into its base and disappear from view at the touch of a button, hiding every portion of its 65-inch frame inside a built-in soundbar.

And rival Samsung introduced a washing machine that can send alerts to your TV so you know your laundry is ready while you watch Game Of Thrones – and a fridge with an app that lets you check its contents while out shopping.


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