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TheMap.Online Sets New Tone For Digital Jobs Through ECommerce Strategy

As a business having an online presence is imperative with its global reach and 24/7 availability your online presence is your most important marketing tool and it presents the best opportunity to open up your business to customers from all over the world.

If your business is not online yet, you have a great opportunity to get an online presence with TheMap.

With the app you can go from a brick and mortar business to an internet merchant within 24 hours with little or no income.

The platform also can link your business to ready off-takers that will increase your sales channels and boost your income as a business owner without cutting deep into your budget.

TheMap provides services for business owners, MSME’s and startups, to share value chain processes managed by apps which eases business process and cuts off expenses and brings about efficiency.

A good example is how it can offer e-Personnel to business owners to take off marketing, staffing/HRM, admin, social management, etc from business owners for commission.

The tested, trusted and seamless system, according to the Founder/Developer of TheMap, Anyanso MMA ensures participants get paid for chatting with apps; WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram, etc.

To understand how this works, potentials participants are called to a Tea Party where TheMap.Online shall be formally launched.

“Come and understand how it works. We have Smart jobs for Nigerians who use mobile phones and have internet connection and have viral apps such as Facebook and other social media apps.

“All you need is a smartphone, smart phone activation/setup, guidance and follow-up by admin that’s all. You earn daily irrespective of your location.

“So long as you can use WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram, etc, you are qualified to start this smart job and earn from home, in school, in the office or on the go. We have brought the future today.

“Chat and get paid daily is real this is why we are launching our platform and hosting our Tea Party”, Anyanso, explained.

He further stated that the week-long programme is a gathering where they invite clients, prospects, partners, sponsors, investors, fans, followers and associates to; Showcase, Celebrate, and Reward them for embracing the job creation initiative.

“We will present technology driven business opportunities powered by apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc that can be provided to other smartphone users to enable people earn money.

“We will also discuss and enlighten participants on the hottest trends in doing business which is business match making which cuts overhead and operational expenses by 60% which is beneficial to start-ups, business owners or those still aspiring to become entrepreneurs,” Anyanso said.

Who will be attending?

He said that the clients, Start-ups, Business owners seeking partnership (local/international), Business/career sponsors, Group admins, Aspiring entrepreneurs, Investors/venture capitalists, Students, Youth Corpers, Job seeker, Sit at home mom, those Currently working but need extra income source, Retirees/pensioners and others trying to quit/tired of 9-5 salary jobs are all expected to attend the empowerment programme.


November 26th – Decembe1st 2018


3 Oludegun Avenue, Off International Airport Junction, Lagos, Nigeria.


  • Morning – 8am – 11am
  • Afternoon – 1pm – 4pm
  • Evening -5pm – 8pm.


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