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Japanese Company unveils autonomous construction vehicles


While the race for autonomous passenger vehicles gets faster and more interesting, a Japanese company, Komatsu is already pioneering autonomous construction heavy duty machineries, towards ensuring maximum safety in the construction industry.

The company, specializing in heavy machinery used for construction, took the wraps off a self-driving construction vehicle at CEATEC 2018. The company is looking to build vehicles such as crawler dump vehicles and excavators that are self-driving. This will help solve several problems in the construction industry.

This includes being able to mitigate the shortage of construction workers, and it can also help to make construction sites safer as self-driving vehicles can negate some of the mistakes that human drivers make. At the moment self-driving technology is something that many companies are looking into, even Apple who seems to be quite invested and interested in the technology.

This isn’t the first time Komatsu has explored the idea of self-driving industrial vehicles. Several years ago they debuted a robotic mining truck that did away with the need for a human driver, so it’s not surprising that they are looking to expand their lineup.


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