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Google Launched A New Tool To Help You Plan Your Vacation

When you’re planning a trip, there’s tons of research involved. Which hotspots to stop by? What museums to go to? Where to dine? With so much that can be packed into one day while you’re away, it’s easy to lose track of everything you want to see and do, just go to Google List.




We know – you’ve good intentions. You catch a whiff of inspiration, fire up your favorite search engine, and start planning what will undoubtedly be the trip of a lifetime. Then, someone calls. Or, your kid discovers some strange residue that demands your immediate attention. In any case, your epic trip planning process gets sidetracked, and it’s a coin-flip whether or not you’re able to pick back up where you left off.

Google knows that pain, and it’s hoping to provide much-needed relief with a new update planned for October. The “Your Trips” update will “make it easier to organize travel plans still in the works, and resume planning where you last left off.” Here’s a direct example from Google.

If you’ve recently started looking at traveling to Milan, we’ll show you potential trip information in Your Trips like flight prices you’re tracking (if you have any), destination-specific flight and hotel searches, and places you’ve saved. That way, you can easily pick up your travel research when you come back to Google. To see Your Trips, search for “my trips” on Google, or tap on the Your Trips tab from Google Flights or Hotels on your phone.

Additionally, Google Flights is having its intelligence boosted in the coming weeks, enabling searchers to see whether or not a flight price is higher or lower than usual for key holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s).


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