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Blockchain Technology is the Answer to Eradication of Corruption in Ghana




A Ghana-based consulting firm, NikGroup eagerly wants to implement the blockchain for social change as a solution to fight corruption in Ghana where the government has been struggling to fight it.

Ghana has been fighting corruption, thus, the government implements a strong anti-corruption legal framework in place. However, they have to face enforcement challenges in many forms. Corruption is an illegal practice and either agent or principal both are unreliable, judging from the irrelevance of the offenders’ nationality.


To respond to that, the CEO of NikGroup, Nick Owusu said that it is hard to track down and punish the offenders since the mechanisms and systems are not effective. To this matter, logistical and administrative challenges are the ones to blame.


Moreover, Owusu also said that Ghana has to deal with the loss of state funds by documents manipulation, payroll fraud, illegal transaction, fraudulent licensing, abuse of contracts as well as office, and many unpleasant things.”

NikGroup, represented by Nick Owusu is trying to flip over this unfortunate trend with the use of blockchain technology. He believes that this system is a better solution to fight against corruption in Ghana. The system has the ability to control the irregularities where nobody is able to manipulate data. In short, the blockchain revolution is what Ghana needs in order to resolve corruption in the country, lets hope this works for Ghana,probably,Nigeria would adopt it also.



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